Webinar: Delivering Cycling Projects: A win-win for councils and residents

Patrick Morgan and Jena Niquidat from Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) and Owen Mata from Hastings District Council will discuss how delivering cycling projects is a win-win for councils and residents. Learn how other cities are rolling out cycling projects and delivering benefits for business, health and liveability. Patrick will present examples and ideas from his Winston Churchill Fellowship study tour of Europe and the USA. Jena Niquidat will show how road user workshops, where bus drivers and cyclists swap seats, and The Good Bunch project are building a “share the road culture”. In NZ, Hastings and New Plymouth are 2 years into their Model Communities projects. Hear from Owen Mata about the successes and “lessons learnt” from the Hastings Model Community Programme (iWay) including the challenges of getting iWay delivered on time in a local government environment. For online viewing only, CAN members can access this webinar for free by contacting Mariyn Moffatt at SoLGM. SOLGM and non-members can register here ($).

We have confirmed space for a shared conference room (Rm 142, 55 Hanover Street) for an open group watching of the upcoming CAN/SOLGM webinar about cycle projects on Tuesday, 24 April.  Please publicize this to any interested colleagues that Spokes and IPRU will host free local watching of this webinar in Dunedin. We will have room for about 25-30 people . Please RSVP if planning on attending in person.

Where: Room 142, 55 Hanover Street (IPRU and GP Offices from the University)

When: Tuesday, 24 April – 9:50 AM to 11:30 AM (last half hour is for optional discussion).

RSVP: http://ipru.polldaddy.com/s/ipruinhouse

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