Road User Workshops – 25/26 May 2012


Dunedin is the first city in the South Island to be hosting a Road User Workshop. These workshops are fully subsidised by NZTA,  facilitated by CAN and BikeNZ and are offered to Truck, Bus drivers and Cyclists for free.
The goal of these workshops is to get heavy vehicle drivers and cyclists together to get a conversation going so each group can understand how it is for the other on the road, leading to greater safety for all road users.
 In other words to sit in each others seats!  Literally! The cyclists take the drivers for a bike ride and the drivers take the cyclists for a drive and then they talk about the experience. Drivers are also asked to talk about an incident they may have had with a cyclist and this is discussed. Time is spent looking around a bus and truck, seeing what it looks like from inside a cab and getting an understanding of where the blind spots are and how we can cycle more safely.
These workshops have been very well received in the North Island and we are very excited about this one in May in Dunedin.  There has been a decrease of incidents, noted in Wellington, between heavy vehicles and cyclists since the first workshops were held there in 2008. We are looking forward to helping make our roads here, in Dunedin, safer as well.
The workshops are open to all truck and bus drivers and cyclists so if you are interested or know of anyone who may be, please spread the word and contact Spokes Dunedin for more information or to book a place.
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