Share the Love!

Send us a photo of yours!  If you’re already all SPOKEd up and can bear to part with your first edition card, don’t throw it away – slip it into someone else’s wheel and share the love!

As a volunteer group SPOKES needs you and your mama too – the more members, the more SPOKES can make happen, and the more likely it is Dunedin becomes a good place to ride a bike.  There are different ways you can add your voice to SPOKES:

  • Come to the next meeting and get actively involved with what SPOKES does – your talents and skills will make a great addition!
  • Keep up to date on what’s going on with cycling in Dunedin and what action you can take by signing up to the SPOKES mailing list email “SUBSCRIBE ME” to
  • Become a full member by joining the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) and selecting SPOKES Dunedin as your local group.  If you choose to become a full paid-up member of CAN, a portion of your joining fee comes back to SPOKES to help finance lobbying activities at the local level.
  • ‘Like’ SPOKES Dunedin on facebook.

Look forward to meeting and maybe riding with you!

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