SPOKES Dunedin and the WissKidd

So your eyes are sliding over to where that limited edition SPOKES Dunedin postcard is propped up.  Postcard Niko1You’re looking at it’s blue and gold, old school glory and you’re thinking: Who injected the magic?  I mean, I knew SPOKES Dunedin was cool but when it did get so FREAKIN’ COOL?  Where can I get another one of those cards?  I want the jersey!  And there may be jerseys!

The awesome sparkle dust started to fly when SPOKES met Robin Wisser Kidder AKA the WissKidd and it was sweeter than a Surly Streamroller on a sunny day.  Brander extraordinaire, Robin is hot off the plane from LA, where amongst a myriad other game-changing projects she’d been shipshaping the LA County Bicycle Coalition.  They didn’t want to let her go but Dunedin called and now she’s having adventures on this side of Pacific.  Robin Wisser KidderSPOKES had a good feeling about her but boy, can this girl brand!  Her mad design skillz and consumate professionalism, her ability to get straight to the heart of what was needed, turned a ‘we want’ into “wow” and SPOKES Dunedin found its mojo.

As one dude with a handlebar mo’ riding a fixie down Vogel Street said “SPOKES is mean as when it comes to bike advocacy in this town.  Finally they have a logo that kicks as much ass as they do.”  SPOKES says don’t go back to LA, Robin – stay and design Dunedin into the 21st Century!

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