What the people think about cycling – results from a recent DCC survey

In June this year, DCC transport planning staff decided to conduct a short, week-long survey to gauge the level of interest in cycling in the community at large and the level of support for improving the cycling network.  The results, from the answers of 504 members of the DCC’s online survey People’s Panel, should be eye-opening for those opposed to cycle infrastructure investment…

Key findings from those surveyed:

  • A whopping 93% agreed or strongly agreed that separated cycleways are better for cyclists, and 86% agreed or strongly agreed they were also better for motorists
  • 59% agreed or strongly agreed that protected cycleways would encourage cycling
  • 74% strongly agreed or agreed the DCC should spend money on constructing separated cycleways
  • While 5% currently use a bike as their main mode of transport,  an additional 25% would like to be able to do this
  • Around two-thirds of those surveyed own a bike
  • Safety is the primary concern for those who rarely or never ride a bike

You can click through to see all of the survey results in this slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This survey provides important evidence that many more people would like to cycle in Dunedin than currently do if the streets were safer and many see separated cycleways as a way to achieve this. It is striking that more people would prefer to walk, cycle or use public transport than use a car as their main mode of transport. Looks like a lot of us would like a more awesome Dunedin!

A shout out to the DCC staff who conducted the survey and compiled the data. The detailed results are online in the appendices of the DCC’s South Dunedin Cycle Network report July 2013.

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