Chris He memorial event – 12pm Monday 30 September

SPOKES Dunedin invites you to a short ceremony to unveil a plaque in memory of Dr Li Hong ‘Chris’ He and acknowledge Dr He’s role in the initiative to implement safety enhancements on the state highway system that seek to end preventable deaths on the city’s streets.

Date                Monday 30 September 2013
Time               12pm (finished by 12.30pm)
Place               Dunedin Public Hospital, Cumberland Street entrance

Speakers:  Tom Kardos (Deputy Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Otago), Chris Staynes (Deputy Mayor, Dunedin City Council), Robert Thompson (Secretary, SPOKES Dunedin), Michael Woodhouse (Associate Minister of Transport).

On 19 November 2012, Dr Li Hong ‘Chris’ He was killed when an opening car door knocked him into the path of an overtaking truck whilst cycling past Dunedin Public Hospital.  Dr He’s death has had a devastating impact for his young family and for the car and truck drivers involved in the accident, and has been widely felt across the Dunedin community, by his students and colleagues at the University of Otago, and by Dunedin’s cycling community.

In response to public calls for action, the Dunedin City Council asked the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) for a plan to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety on the state highway, with special consideration of separated cycle facilities, to ensure this tragedy is not repeated.

Now, a report from NZTA and DCC traffic planners and engineers has just been released recommending moving forward with cycleways that are physically separated from fast-moving and heavy vehicles on the one-ways.

I hope you can join us in remembering Chris and other cyclists tragically killed on the one-ways, and in sharing the vision of a future where we can all travel safely about our wonderful city.  Please feel free to share this invitation.

Many thanks for your support to date.

Robert Thompson
SPOKES Dunedin

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