“Cars Don’t Go Shopping, People Do” or Epic Council Meeting Number 2

Dunedin’s Councillors have seen a better future and are demonstrating the leadership to get us there!  On 23 September, the Dunedin City Council (DCC) approved NZTA/DCC staff proposals for separated bike lanes on the State Highway 1 one-ways where they go through the central city.  The NZTA is now able to run a public consultation exercise on their proposals to see if they are what the people of Dunedin want.  It was a landslide vote in favour at the DCC – 11 Councillors backed the proposals, with just two voting against.

There were many amazing moments at this Epic Council Meeting (you can check out Epic Council Meeting Number 1 here), the most surprising of which was probably Councillor Syd Brown who noted ‘cars don’t go shopping, people do!’  Kudos to, now former, Cllr Brown!

SPOKES has pulled out some of the highlights from the full YouTube meeting record below for you to see just how on board our political leaders are and what is now very possible for our city.  SPOKES has put out a call to take action to express support for the NZTA proposals.  Fellow cyclists and friends of cycling, we can do this!

Councillor MacTavish (2:40:40 to 2:43:40)

Councillor Staynes (2:45:08 to 2:47:49)

Councillor Thomson (2:50:00 to 2:53:05)

Councillor Brown (2:53:08 to 2:54:20)

Mayor Cull (2:54:42 to 2:56:56)

Councillor Noon (2:56:58 to 2:57:48)

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1 Response to “Cars Don’t Go Shopping, People Do” or Epic Council Meeting Number 2

  1. Bill Bachop says:

    I enjoyed these videos and complement the council on its workings. Thank you for making it available.

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