It’s cranking up again! Join up and speak out for cycling!

It’s been quiet – projects like the separated cycle lanes on the one-ways have been progressing – but things are going to crank up again over the next six months. You and your voice are going to be important in seeing some of the projects that SPOKES, with your support, has got underway in the past five years.  It’s time to finish some of this stuff!  With your help we can do it, and do it good!
From ensuring we get a world-class route on the Peninsula to making sure the one-ways are fully functional, it’s going to be an exciting year for cycling and by the end of it we should be a whole lot closer to having some SWEET streets for bikes in this city!
We’re pumped to be part of enabling everyone who believes in a better Dunedin that works for people on bikes and we’ll be pushing hard this year.  We’ve always let you know when we need your voice, and now we’re letting you know that if you can support us with a joining fee to boost our lobbying abilities we’d love for you to sign up at  We want to be able to bring engineering expertise, cycling expertise and strengthened recruitment to our activities this year and your financial contribution would help make this reality.
Your membership and donations is more than a painted white line. It gives us the power to successfully engage and influence government and other agencies to make our city work for everyone.
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