Litter Compliance Policy Review

We got in the ODT!

Sadly, however, the bit about the need for greater accountability on the part of Dunedin City Council and the University of Otago for this anti-social behaviour was omitted…

The university proctor’s 2020 Annual Code of Conduct Reference Group Report discloses the paltry total of 24 glass incidents. Perpetrators received a $150 fine and 15 hours community service.

According to the Police Data Base, from 24th March 2018 to 24th March 2021, only one arrest was recorded under the Litter Act for willfully breaking glass in a public place. Over the same period, a number of persons were recorded as being charged with willful damage, some of whom may have been responsible for breaking glass in a public place; however, there’s only the one arrest under the Litter Act.

Both the university proctor and Community Law Otago stated that are simply too many people purposefully smashing glass for it to be taken seriously by either the university or the police. While CCTV can be used for couch burning, it won’t be used for this criminal offence. Which leaves us in a Catch 22 situation! Too many people are committing this offence for it to be properly addressed, and so, too many people continue to commit it…

As the article states, the DCC is reviewing its litter compliance policy and has asked for feedback by Tuesday 6th April (and Spokes Dunedin will definitely be putting a submission together):

Purposefully smashing glass is not just a nuisance, but a public health issue that affects not only cyclists, but all of our community. It needs to be take seriously if it’s to be curbed; otherwise, it’s essentially condoned.

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