SPOKES Dunedin speaks out for cycling in Dunedin, New Zealand and represents everyone who rides a bike or would like to ride a bike in the city.  SPOKES is a local volunteer cycling advocacy group founded in 1996 as an affiliate of the New Zealand Cycling Advocates Network.  SPOKES Dunedin is an incorporated society registered under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.

SPOKES wants cycling in Dunedin to be safe, practical and fun.  To do this, SPOKES Dunedin:

  • engages with the Dunedin City Council, NZTA, local MPs, and other organisations to push for better cycling provision for the city’s cyclists
  • promotes cycling and its wide-ranging benefits to the citizens of Dunedin
  • keeps track of things that are happening that affect cyclists and cycling in Dunedin
  • ensures that SPOKES members know what’s going on and are able to get involved

SPOKES needs you – the more members, the more likely it is Dunedin becomes a good place to be a cyclist.  Find out how you can add your voice to SPOKES!