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One-Way SBF’s: Why Option One? SAFETY!

This post is by Dr. Hank Weiss, an injury epidemiologist with over 3 decades experience in injury prevention research and practice, and a SPOKES member. Properly designed uni-directional separated/protected bike lanes are the safest on-road urban design when they cross … Continue reading

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One Less Car: More money for me, more money for you!

My family eagerly decided to forgo a second car four years ago when we moved to Dunedin, New Zealand; a decision we have never regretted. It turns out by doing so, we are not just happier, healthier, and polluting less, … Continue reading

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Campus Cycling Issues

An article published in the ODT on 27 March, 2013 covered the current University of Otago Position on Campus “Cycle Lanes”.  The full text of my letter to the ODT after I was asked for a response is shown below … Continue reading

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Freiburg, Germany: A Model Sustainable Transport Oriented City

I had the pleasure of traveling to Germany last Winter to attend the European Conference on Mobility Management and after that to take an extra field trip to Freiburg im Breisgau, one of Germany’s greenest cities. It was my first … Continue reading

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Protected Bike Lanes Drops Injury Risk 90% vs Unprotected Lanes!

Important new injury prevention research shows that we cannot achieve a vibrant bicycle friendly city just by painting lines between traffic and parked cars. Yes, a few “strong and fearless” cyclists and a little larger group of “enthused and confident” … Continue reading

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