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What the people think about cycling – results from a recent DCC survey

In June this year, DCC transport planning staff decided to conduct a short, week-long survey to gauge the level of interest in cycling in the community at large and the level of support for improving the cycling network.  The results, … Continue reading

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Tips for Cycling in the Rain

We know it never rains in Dunedin :), but here are some tips for cycling in the rain anyway from Peter Walker of The Guardian’s Bike Blog. • Don’t over-dress Much worse than getting soaked on a bike is getting steamed … Continue reading

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Cycle “Dooring” Injury Data from ACC: 2010-2012

In early February, the University of Otago IPRU released results and an interactive map of dooring incidents reported by NZ police. They recently added some new information on dooring incidents derived from a “keyword” search of three years of Accident … Continue reading

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Skeleton on A Bicycle

Students at the University of Otago Centre for Science Communication will be producing visual projects and audio-podcasts on the environmental, social and health benefits of cycling this year. Check out the SciCom website for details.

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Where Do Reported Cycle Crashes Occur In Central Dunedin?

The map is from the New Zealand Transport Agency, reporting from 2007 to 2011 (Briefing notes crash analysis, July 2012). The DCC has also reported (personal communication) that the one-ways alone have experienced about two dozen police reported cyclist/car crashes … Continue reading

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