As a volunteer group SPOKES needs you – the more members, the more SPOKES can make happen, and the more likely it is Dunedin becomes a good place to ride a bike. There are different ways you can add your voice to SPOKES:

  • Email us with your thoughts and comments:
  • Follow SPOKES Dunedin on Facebook and Twitter
  • Become a  member of the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN) and select SPOKES Dunedin as your local group – if you choose to become a full paid-up member of CAN, a portion of your joining fee comes back to SPOKES to help finance lobbying activities at the local level

We look forward to meeting and maybe riding with you!

2 Responses to Join

  1. Rachael Palmer says:

    Ummm – the links to your email address don’t work…

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