Local Cycle Groups

  • If you want to ‘ride, race, enjoy!’ road and track competitvely and for fun then check out Cycling Otago, they facebook and there are a number of different groups including Women on Wheels (WOW), which is designed for masters and novice female riders to develop their track racing skills (you can reach them easily on facebook)
  • For all things mountain bike start with Mountain Biking Otago
  • If you’re looking to mix your whiskey with your fixie and then decide on a tattoo, the Dunedin Single Speed Society is for you…  party on!
  • So Bikes of Old Dunedin bike polo club.  Pretty freaking awesome.  To keep things fresh, they have two facebook sites.  Here’s the other one.  That’s it.
  • Glowsticks, Christmas lights, a ghettoblaster and a crew of people that like to party and ride?  Bike Rave Dunedin, folks.

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