Take Action – Dunedin One-Ways (SH1)

“Cycle tracks will abound in Utopia”   — H.G. Wells

Following the deaths of several cyclists over the last few years, the New Zealand Transportation Agency (NZTA) is proposing to build protected, separated cycle lanes on the one-way system (State Highway 1) in Dunedin, but we need you to make it happen, even if you don’t live in Dunedin.

This transformative initiative will significantly enhance safety on Dunedin’s streets and will make the state highway corridor, and the city of Dunedin, more people-friendly.  It will also bring world-class cycling infrastructure to New Zealand’s state highways, setting a precedent that can be applied elsewhere in the country.

Click here to learn more and send a message to NZTA

You can support this initiative by taking a moment to send a message to the NZTA.  You can send a message whether you ride a bike or not.  Maybe you’d like to ride a bike if it were safer, maybe you have friends or family who ride bikes and you want them to be safe, maybe you’d just like to have a bit more separation from cyclists when driving your car, maybe you have another reason that you can share with NZTA.

You don’t even have to live in Dunedin!  These protected cycle lanes will set a precedent for safer transportation infrastructure everywhere in New Zealand; so send a message to NZTA and tell them you support this initiative and that you want safer cycling in your town.

It will only take a minute to send a message to NZTA.  Please take action now!

Click here to learn more and send a message to NZTA

This initiative needs as much support as it can get, so please forward this email on to your family, friends, and networks across New Zealand. And when you follow the link in this email, please share it on facebook, Twitter, or Google+.  You can also like ‘SPOKES Dunedin’ on facebook

Thank you for making the streets sweet for bikes.

Robert Thompson

SPOKES Dunedin


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