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Thank you to everyone who filled in a comment slip at the 2021 Bike Breakfast last month! One of the most mentioned cycling bugbears was broken glass. So, on Sunday the 7th of March, a couple of us got up bright and early to check out the damage on Dunedin’s streets. Although the Octagon and George St. looked particularly tidy, the same could not be said for other areas of the city. (And this situation did not change throughout the day).

Smashed glass is not just a nuisance, but a public health issue, and it’s important that the DCC treats it as such. What are your experiences in regard to this form of dangerous littering? Do you come across a lot of broken glass on your commute?

In order to get a better idea of how big this problem is for cyclists, please share your thoughts and photos on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #brokendunedin

And don’t forget to include the DCC: #dunedinnz

When you come across broken glass – or “dangerous litter” if you want to be technical – there are three possible organisations to contact, depending on where you found it…

If you found it on part of the State Highway network (Castle Street, Cumberland Street and Great King Street are part of State Highway 1, and Anzac Avenue between Dunedin and Port Chalmers is part of State Highway 88), you should contact Downer:

  • email: coastalotago@downer.co.nz

If you found it on campus, you should contact Property Services:

  • tel: 03 479 8003
  • email: property.services@otago.ac.nz
  • Fix-O-Gram form

Otherwise, contact the DCC:

  • tel: 03 477 4000
  • email: dcc@dcc.govt.nz
  • Fix it form

If you do submit a report, please let us know who it was to, where you found the glass, and when in the form below, so we can start to keep a record. It definitely should not be the responsibility of residents to clean up smashed glass, especially as this is a reoccurring issue.

Do you have any thoughts on long-term solutions? Please share in the comment section below or send us a message.

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