Take Action – The One-Ways

Following the death of Dr Li Hong He a few months ago SPOKES asked you to speak out about the one-ways and demand safer cycling facilities.   NZTA and DCC are now in the process of reviewing the entire one-way system and planning for improvements.   Their review strategy is to look at both medium to long-term goals and immediate ‘quick wins’ that can address some of the most dangerous locations.

At this stage, most of the quick wins are ideas that require further investigation before implementation and there is no definite time-line for implementation.   We will be closely following as work progresses and keep our members informed.   The next phase of the one-way review will be to develop a long term vision for the City.  SPOKES will continue to push for fully separated cycle lanes on the one-ways that are useful and usable for all cyclists whether they be commuting, training, or just going for an ice cream at the corner dairy.

If you haven’t yet had your voice heard, tell NZTA that you want functional, usable, safe, separated lanes on the one-ways.   It doesn’t need to be long, one sentence will do, but every message counts!  Send your email to dunedinshcyclelanes@nzta.govt.nz right now!  SPOKES’ vision is below and you can copy and paste as-is or amend to your liking.

SPOKES advocates that the medium/long term goal should be fully segregated cycle lanes on the one-ways, with parking moved or removed as necessary to allow for this.   This would allow for cycle lanes of sufficient width to be usable and enjoyable for all cyclists regardless of skill level, from racers and regular commuters to weekend recreationalists and school children.   As the main arterial routes through the city, the one-ways are there to get people where they want to go, which should be possible and safe regardless of transport choice.   So while alternative approaches should be available, just as they are for people in cars, alternate routes cannot be seen as an adequate substitute for the direct and efficient corridors available on the one-ways.

Thanks for taking action to make safer cycling a reality in Dunedin.   If you’re ready to get more involved, come to our next meeting.

Happy cycling,

Robert Thompson, Secretary for SPOKES Dunedin


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